He's 25, a perfectionist and, until recent events, has a huge ego. He has spent most of his life denying and running from what he is, because to him it is wrong. When we meet him, he is in denial that he is transgender and having a crisis about his career after a massive failure. Throughout the first season he will be forced to confront both his own ego, and being transgender. Eventually, he is backed into a corner to make a decision on transitioning and his own future.

He is 28 and just wants to be normal and fit in with his friends. He has built up who he is on lie upon lie, to the point where he doesn't quite know what's true anymore and who he is. He has spent the last several years in a relationship with Serena, despite being unhappy, as it's the safe route. He may have a girlfriend when we first meet him but he is struggling with the knowledge that he has an attraction to guys while not being attracted to women. He's known this for some time in his life but has gone as far as making up stories about sleeping with other women to cover this up.

She is 27 and is lost and stuck, completely unable to move forward. She doesn't know what she wants from life and lacks drive. While Serena may be bi-romantic, she is also asexual and lacks any knowledge about sexuality beyond what was taught to her in her traditional catholic upbringing. As a result, she is unable to understand and articulate how and why she feels this way. Anything outside of a heterosexual relationship scares her.

She is 25 and bases her entire identity and purpose of existence around her family, particularly protecting her little sister, Elizabeth, from their abusive father. Because of her past, Violet is wiser beyond her years in some aspects of life, while completely stunted in others. She has lived a far less sheltered life than Serena and is more open minded. Violet falls at the end of the asexual spectrum; she finds both her own body and the bodies of others frightening and somewhat gross, possibly due to some lingering trauma. Like Serena though, she lacks the knowledge to fully understand her own orientation and why she feels this way.